Success Stories

Barbara is an excellent leader. Her strengths include a strong focus on all hotel employees job satisfaction, successful interactions with hotel guests that are both happy with their stay or in need of manager response, and expertise in financial review – including expense controls and the different channels of revenue management.


Working with Barbara Pressman has been a pleasure. I’ve collaborated with her on projects for more than 10 years in my role as a designer. Barbara is enthusiastic, sincere, and trusting. Her professionalism and resourcefulness allow her to work well under pressure; she finds creative solutions to ensure projects stay on budget. Barbara is detail oriented. Barbara is also offering me coaching services as I launch my interior design business. In this work, she helps me develop actionable items and offers insightful frameworks to move forward in my business endeavors. She is creative, insightful and takes chances.


I have to repeat my compliments: The Maple Tree Inn is a true gem under your management!

By anticipating all the wishes a guest can have in order to feel home and comfortable your property is simply fabulous. Being in the hospitality and travel industry for few decades I notice all the little (and big) details you added with lots of care and I know how much work and management skill is behind it. These are not just polite words, but honest compliments.


Your staff is to be complimented for being so friendly, efficient and professional. It is obvious that they feel some degree of “ownership” in the hotel. That “ownership” is a direct result of how they are treated, trained, rewarded and encouraged. That is not a value that is universal – it has to be taught and nurtured.  Well done!