The way to become a writer is to write

The way to become a writer is to write. Of course that is the sticky wicket. Even though we want to do certain things it is difficult to change our way of being to support what we want.  To become a runner one must run, to become a lover one must love, to become what and who we want to be we must pay attention to the things that will support that way of being.

This is of course is true in business also.  What does your company represent, what is the culture of the business? Who are your clients, what do they need and want?  How do you deliver, and discover those needs? Have the needs of your clients changed or been met? Have your needs changed or
been met?

In a recent interview I was asked, where do you start? And although I did not answer the question in this exact way, my answer is that I start from the inside. The basic needs must be met inside the company and then the business can start to project itself outwardly and listen to what the
client needs.

We have heard this time and again, perhaps the language has changed, build a  good foundation.

In the hotel business, we sell beds and all that accessorize those beds, but what we are really selling is relationship and engagement with others.  This is a large part of the business and very often we are so busy with numbers and reports we forget this fundamental concept, hospitality is defined as the relationship between guest and host, it involves showing respect, providing for their needs and treating them as equals.

So what can we do to support the becoming good hosts?

1.Find out what your clients need? Engage them through conversation, surveys, and read what they are posting about your property.

2. Respond to them? It may not always be easy but take their suggestions and determine if they are valuable, doable, and will positively affect your other guests. Chances are if one person has a specific complaint, others feel the same way they just haven’t bothered to tell you.

3.Provide the best product you can, keep it clean.  There is nothing worse then have to face a client that is standing there with someone else’s underwear that they have found in their room.

4.Ask yourselves “why am I doing this?” once you have the answer and can express it you will attract long term, like minded people who will sustain your business.

If you are looking for ways to support and strengthen your business consider contacting me to explore possibilities.

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