Conversations for Supporting Sustainable Change

How important are conversations? In today’s world having conversations has become somewhat of a lost art. In fact conversations are often avoided at all costs.   An informal exchange of ideas, interactive, spontaneous and an important part of socialization; the conversation tends to take a back seat to the text or an email. It is very […]

7 Easy Steps (the hook)

There are so many books and programs out there that are based on “Steps to Success”.  Success for whatever you want to achieve; being a good parent, being happy, having a great relationship, being loved and admired.  Just give me the steps to follow so that I can…you fill in the blank. What is it […]

How Important Are You?

I am in the business of hospitality. When I got my first hotel job I had been a hairdresser for 7 years. It was something that I was very good at, not only because I could cut hair well but also because I am the type of person to whom people felt comfortable telling their […]

How are we doing?

Some things in business change, but in the hotel business we have always wanted to know what our customers think and how they feel about their experience during their stay at the Stanford Terrace Inn. It is important so that we can see what we are doing right or make the changes on the things […]