Music In Napa Valley

From the moment I arrived at the Napa Winery Inn I was excited about the music scene in town. Initially I noticed a cool venue. The Blue  Note presented performers both local and acclaimed. I was totally sold when I saw names like the soulful Dee Dee Bridgewater and the funky vibraphone playing Roy Ayers on the calendar.

Music brings people together, it gets them to sway and snap, it puts a smile on their lips or brings a tear to the eye. It is a thread of commonality that breaks down barriers and bonds between total strangers effortlessly. If anyone is unconvinced of the truth and power of music, a Bruce Springsteen concert is the perfect prescription. There, you will see people from all walks of life, and multi generational families, stand, dance, sing, cry and pound their fists in the air to tunes like Badlands.

When we began our family, in finding ways to integrate our separate cultures, traditions and celebrations, we decided to make an annual mix tape that over the years morphed into a shared playlist on Spotify.  Now, our children are grown and the family has grown, but each year we make a new “mix tape” with music that has moved us in some way over the past year. We never know what we will end up with, but these compilations are now an integral part of our family history and experience.

Napa Valley has figured out that music is the glue that binds us. Every year you can count on being excited with the musical line ups during Festival Napa Valley, the infamous jam-packed Bottle Rock weekend, Jazz Getaway and the many musical surprises you might find at various vineyards.

There is something for everyone and the Napa Winery Inn is perfectly priced and located for your accommodation needs.  We’d love to welcome you and be an integral part of your Napa Valley music experience.

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