Grace is such a big word, not because of the number of letters but because of its’ many meanings.“Who is going to say grace?” heard at the table before a meal.“If not for the grace of G-d” heard just after a near miss. “We will give you this grace period to complete your work” when you just can’t get it done. “She moved with grace”, “She graced us with her presence” And of course there is a goddess, Graces.

What I admire are people who are able to graciously accept what is presented to them. They seem to effortlessly have, on the tip of their tongues, the words that traverse them through, as if gliding without a ripple on a clear still lake.  We watch and listen and marvel at their ability to accept and in return allow others to rest at ease.

I admire this quality because it is always what I hope for in myself. Very often, however, my graciousness makes way for one emotion or another, which clouds my thoughts and projects responses that are not always as I would hope they would be.  This is very often the case with my children. They challenge me to be the best I can, by presenting opportunities for me to look deep inside for the stillness that is necessary to respond gracefully.

Each day when I go to work I am reminded to accept what is presented to me with as much grace as I can muster.  Mostly it is easy. My co-workers love to be at work, and show me daily how much they appreciate my part in their happiness. There isn’t a day that goes by that guests don’t come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed their stay, and how important we are in creating their home away from home; like no other.

However, it is the times when people are unhappy, whether guest or employee, that I measure myself.  It is how I traverse through, and respond that shows me what I am made of. It is also what has helped me grow as a person and hospitality professional.

Last Modified on April 7, 2019
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