Integral Coaching

What is Integral Coaching?

Integral coaching helps people to shift or develop competence, to learn for themselves the skills or capacities they need to be more effective in their positions. They have the capacity to observe themselves and shift in real time.

Here is one specific example of integral coaching-

How does change occur? So many companies are stuck in the behavior modification, the poke and sugar, reward and punishment models. The problem is the stimuli comes from the outside and once you remove that pressure the person returns back to the habitual way of doing things. With the Integral Coaching model the client is actually empowered to do the skill for themselves, to do something different.

Learning  includes the whole person, head, heart and body.

Learning means a shift in competence, not simply remembering a fact.

Learning requires active engagement, revealing what’s most important to us and asking questions from there.

Learning undoes what we are standing on; the bigger the question, the bigger possible shift.

Learning is one of the main things we are working on while coaching a client.

  1. Being present
  2. Setting aside skepticism and cynicism for sincere inquiry
  3. Questioning ourselves and being open and willing to let go of old, and step into new behaviors.

Long Term Excellence –Draw on our best qualities and intentions

  • We can meet high standards in the area we are acting in

Self-Correcting – Observe our actions and their results

  • Question our premises and intentions
  • Receive feedback without collapse, attack or blame

Self-Generating -Stay open to learning and development

  • Discover and act from our inner resources for imagination and connection
  • We relate to people and resources that support our development