The World’s Most Endangered Food

We tend to think that a tomato is a tomato, a carrot a carrot, but over the years, farmers have introduced new genetic iterations of both crop and livestock. The wheat used to make bread today, for example, is different than the wheat used 20 years ago in that same recipe. Moreover, just like dogs, […]

… from my perspective on Right?!

How do we improve the service we provide our customers? We ask them.  We send out electronic surveys, we have in-person conversations and we read the reviews that are posted on the various online sites. Then we respond. In addition to our vision of who we are, we fine-tune that vision with the feedback from […]


When I was a kid, fine tuning meant using the dial on a transistor radio to tune in an AM radio station, or using a dial on a TV set to get the horizontal hold to stop flipping around and around so you could see the program on the television. Both of these things were […]


Just over a year ago the Maple Tree Inn experienced a change in management companies, now Waterford Hotels & Inns.   When I started at the Maple Tree Inn I added the job to my LinkedIn profile, but didn’t fill in any of the details about the job until recently, when I added Transition Leader. That […]


I am co-hosting a workshop and would love to see you there, here are the details.   Step Into Your Power Embody Personal Strength and Wholeness   Rejuvenating Pool Side Network Event and Workshop   Are you successful, good at what you do, yet still feel limited or unsatisfied?   When we only focus on our […]

In just a moment…

Paying attention to what happens around us, or what the universe is offering is not always easy. Separately, and in different formats I have repeatedly heard in the past week the same message. In the moments of first meeting you can see the now, the past, and the future of the relationship. All is present […]

On Vulnerability

A friend sent this to me a while back and I just now watched it, I loved it and wish I hadn’t waited so long…enjoy