Christmas Cookies-How Traditions Might Limit Us

When I was growing up, the excited anticipation of Christmas was augmented by the baking of Christmas Cookies.  For some reason, I still don’t understand this chemistry; the flavor of the cookies that were baked for Christmas improved over time.  Several weeks before Christmas, the baking would begin. By alternating the location of the baking, […]

Conversations for Supporting Sustainable Change

How important are conversations? In today’s world having conversations has become somewhat of a lost art. In fact conversations are often avoided at all costs.   An informal exchange of ideas, interactive, spontaneous and an important part of socialization; the conversation tends to take a back seat to the text or an email. It is very […]

7 Easy Steps (the hook)

There are so many books and programs out there that are based on “Steps to Success”.  Success for whatever you want to achieve; being a good parent, being happy, having a great relationship, being loved and admired.  Just give me the steps to follow so that I can…you fill in the blank. What is it […]


Mindfulness seems to be a current buzzword, and as I experienced in a conversation the other day, comes with it’s own stock “groomed” definition. With its obvious current popularity and acceptance and integration into the business world I am curious if this is an indicator of a more widely spread acceptance or embracement of Buddhism, or a real need […]


Recently this idea of motivation reared its ugly head.  It was when someone close to me was completely de-motivated, that made me think about why external and sometimes internal forces can change the balance of motivation from self propelled, to a halting stop. Many times we work on the carrot and the stick premise.  If I do […]

Creativity and Your Business

How relevant is creativity in today’s business world? Does being creative mean we should all pick up a paintbrush and give it the ol’ Picasso try? For Picasso this meant an exceptional achievement of universal and immense fortune for his revolutionary artistic accomplishments, he became one of the best-known figures in 20th-century art. So how can being creative in business […]


Grace is such a big word, not because of the number of letters but because of its’ many meanings.“Who is going to say grace?” heard at the table before a meal.“If not for the grace of G-d” heard just after a near miss. “We will give you this grace period to complete your work” when you just can’t […]


  I much prefer to do things via the telephone.  This preference seems to date me, but many times it is the fastest way to get things done.That of course depends on the cooperation of the person at the other end of the line; they too have to be willing to have a conversation versus an email or […]


It is courage that I call on each morning as I face the day. Courage is what the Lion in the Wizard of Oz was looking for and what he got was a heart. It is to my heart I defer each morning as I face the day.  Heart is my connection to myself and […]

The way to become a writer is to write

The way to become a writer is to write. Of course that is the sticky wicket. Even though we want to do certain things it is difficult to change our way of being to support what we want.  To become a runner one must run, to become a lover one must love, to become what and who we […]