Atelier Elégant

Sometimes it takes a blank canvas for inspiration, but more often than not, that which surrounds us inspires us. I remember when a shopping mall was the newest, greatest place to go. It was a one-stop shop that brought all our special stores together. It was grand! Now, of course, malls seem to be filled with nothing but chains and big box stores, being not so grand after all, except for the size, and too many people… for me, very uninspiring.

At one time in France there were private studios called atelier. These were places of inspiration, where students, and apprentices came to learn and hone their artistic skills under the tutelage of a professional artist. From these studios new talent would emerge and the aspiring young artist would gain their own notoriety.

Some of my happiest days have been under the wing of my mentor. It was a time when, although I had my own thoughts and dreams, I would learn new things about my chosen field and myself. The root word for atelier is astele “chip of wood”, perhaps that is where the saying “a chip off the old block” came from. I can see how my mentor supported my dreams and my success but also imparted their experience inspiring me.

What I love about Los Altos is that it supports individuals and their dreams. You can see this as you walk down the streets and enjoy more than 150 shops and boutiques that offer an exceptional variety of merchandise, antiques, art galleries, home accessories, gifts and items for children to name a few. Each spouting it’s own individuality, and definitely inspiring me as a shopper. I know that I can usually find special gifts for those I love; sometimes I find something unique. Not to mention all the women’s boutiques so near and so very tempting.

At Enchanté Boutique Hotel you can begin an inspired day of shopping just steps outside the entrance or with the many unique items we have in our lobby. Then our room Atelier Elégant, with its rich palette of black and gold that evokes an elegant and restful atmosphere, is a perfect place to relax.

The map shows a list of some of my favorite stores that may hold the treasure for which you have been searching. Marked with yellow icons to show the women’s boutiques and our other favorites in blue.

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