8 Minutes To Some Of The Best Eateries In Napa

When I came to Napa as Interim General Manager of the Napa Winery Inn I found myself using the GPS option on my telephone to find my way around. To my surprise and delight, no matter where I wanted to go it was never more then 8 minutes! So stress less after struggling with Bay Area traffic.

In the Bay it can take longer to go a couple of miles, traffic is congested, the influx of people and cars from all the high tech and other booming businesses has caused reasonable commutes, to be hair raising (with the advent of lane surfing and drifting)and the time for every commute is so extended that I can have a direct experience of my own aging process from one location to another.

It has been a long time since I could get anywhere in 8 minutes, so exploring Napa has become a pleasant part of my day. What I have discovered, beyond wineries and fine dining, has been some unique and surprising places.

Check out the Only 8 Minute map and add some of these to your itinerary while you stay with us at the Napa Winery Inn.

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