Barbara Pressman – Leadership Coaching & Consulting

015_b01061-barbara-webDuring my career in the hotel industry I have worn many hats, and most of them had nothing to do with my title or position. I wore those hats because it was the right thing to do in the moment to take care of the guest, the employee, and the community.

As a result I got to drive some really cool cars when I stepped in as a valet car park, did dishes in a hot and steamy kitchen, have a food drive for an employee going through a particular difficult period to help feed the family of five, work night audit shifts, move tables, set chairs, prepare food, have difficult conversations, have really fun celebrations, become versed in social media and write blogs.

I have developed into a well-rounded hotelier, with incredible skills, a willingness to learn, a strong support and following of employees, and guests.

I am a leader but I know my strength lies within my team. I work for their growth and success and in turn see direct positive results in the culture and profitability of an organization.

My strength is in actualizing the vision of a company by directing and supporting the staff to achieve the results needed. I work toward a total guest experience, which is the root of the quality and sustainability of an organization.

I did not know where this would lead me when I started as a switch board operator in the first hotel I worked in, but this is where the enthusiasm to succeed began and it is what motivates me today, because we never really know what is possible until we try.